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Love is Not Canceled

While we aren’t sure of much right now, love is the one constant we can depend on. Love is the tie that binds us together, the light on our path and the reason we keep going in the face of the unknown. Being loved gives us the confidence that, whatever comes, we will face it together. 

Love is stronger than viruses, fires and floods. Love sustains us. Love Wins.

At Hermann hill, our couples have faced difficult questions surrounding their weddings this year. If we are limiting our gatherings, what do we do about our wedding? If we can’t have a big wedding this year, should we still get married in 2020 at all? 

These are big and deeply personal questions. It’s OK to be unsure of the right path. The one thing we’re confident of, though, is this—when you look back on this crazy year, you shouldn’t have any regrets when it comes to love. 

Love conquers all, even 2020. So, let’s look at your options:

Go for it. Love wins. Get married. Celebrate that love—just the two of you. Elopements are more popular than ever before, and with good reason. You can elope with little planning and on very short notice. Gone are the days when eloping meant sneaking off to a far-away destination. Have yours right here at Hermann Hill. We still have dates available for 2020 and 2021, but don’t wait. As the year draws to a close with so much division and uncertainty, love shouldn’t be put on the back burner. Make it official.

Stop thinking in absolutes. This is not an either/or proposition. There are no rules, no playbook you’re required to follow. Just follow your heart. You can elope now, just the two of you, and still gather your tribe for a ceremony and reception later. Or schedule the whole thing for your dream date in 2021 or beyond. The power to choose is yours. Own it. Make a plan together that will honor your love and commitment. You’ll know you’ve made the right decisions when you feel that special, content joy that comes from knowing your love is at the center of it all.

Bigger doesn’t mean better. You can scale back your dream wedding to an elopement for two or a micro-wedding with fewer guests without sacrificing any of the personality and style you dreamed of for your special day. Fewer guests should never equate to a lack of splendor. Whether it’s decadent extravagance or minimalist simplicity, it’s all still on the table. Stream the festivities for those that can’t be there in person, and have your day—your way.

Adore the location. Whatever choices you make for your wedding, don’t miss the opportunity to ground it all in a place that brings you pleasure. Not just a venue, but a haven from the everyday. A place where you can wed, gather, eat, sleep and play without leaving the serenity of this one sacred spot. A place that’s always there for you to return to, to relive the experience and reconnect with each other. We invite you to make our place your place.

Hermann Hill really is unique. If you’ve never been here, you need to experience it first-hand to get it. There’s nothing ordinary or generic about it. 

This is a place that redefines the word hospitality. This is a bespoke experience made just for you. Hermann Hill isn’t just a hall that you rent for a party—or a hotel room that you sleep in as you pass through. This is your place. It morphs into just what you need. Here you can find calm, quiet and respite. Here you can experience nature, immerse yourself in history or cut the world off and just be… Hermann Hill is a place where your love can be anchored forever. 

Elope here. Celebrate here. Honeymoon here. Come back and relive it all year-after-year.

Your dreams aren’t canceled. You’re not in this alone. We have been in the thick of the events of this year right alongside you. We’ve perfected the art of matrimony, even in 2020. Whether you’re eloping with a party of two or celebrating with 200, we’re here to make it perfect. We’re here to make it yours.

Be brave. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to make these decisions now. If you don’t put your love first, who will? It’s never too late to elope—just like it’s never too early to start planning your wedding for 2021 and beyond. Book a tour today, let us help you celebrate your love, now and always. And congratulations on finding each other. Revel in the blessing that love is in your life. Nothing trumps that—and we can’t wait to celebrate with you, to show you what Hermann Hill Happy is all about.

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