Meet the Wedding Coordinators of our stunning Hermann, MO wedding venue. Two experienced wedding coordinators are assigned to work with you during the months leading up to the wedding. You can be assured that all of the details are taken care of. It is also their responsibility to contact vendors prior to your wedding and to orchestrate the activities and events of your wedding rehearsal, ceremony and reception, so you can relax and enjoy your day!

Anastasia - Hermann Hill weddings coordinator


Favorite Flower: “Peony”

Favorite Drink: “Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc & Bourbon Slush”

Favorite Go-To-Snack: “Almonds & Cashews”

Favorite Movie: “Outbreak”

Where I’d like to travel?: “Greece”

Becki - Missouri wedding coordinator


Favorite Accessory: “Handbags & Sunglasses”

Best Planning Advice: “Don’t stay on Pinterest too long, it will stress you out!”

Favorite Color: “Chartreuse, a perfect balance of yellow’s happiness and green’s lively presence.”

Where I’d like to travel?: “Italy”

Who’s your favorite Disney Princess?: “Mulan for her strength, Belle for her intelligence, and Aurora because I like to sleep.”

Betsy - Coordinator at our Hermann, MO wedding venue


Favorite Moments in a Wedding: “The last-minute words, glances, squeezes, laughs, or tears between father and daughter before the double doors are opened for her to walk down the aisle to her groom.”

Best Planning Advice: “Determine which details are the most important in creating your dream wedding. Tell your coordinators, and trust us to make it happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff on wedding weekend – that’s our job! You just enjoy the experience and celebrate your love!”

Nickname: “Mama Boots”

Favorite Quote: “BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world!”

Who’s your favorite Disney Princess?: “Mulan and Moana – They both showed great courage taking risks to protect/serve their families.”

Danah - Coordinator at our Missouri wedding venue


Favorite Moment in a Wedding: “Since I’m a mom of 3 boys, my favorite moment is the mom and son dance. It makes me tear up every time!”

Favorite Accessory: “a Positive Attitude”

Favorite Flower: “Hydrangea”

Best Planning Advice: “Ask for help. Don’t try to do everything yourself.”

Person I Admire Most: “People who are always kind.”

Donna - Coordinator at our All Inclusive wedding venue in Missouri


Favorite Accessory: “Treasured Family Keepsakes”

Best Planning Advice: “Plan your wedding for you not what everyone else tells says you should do. Follow your heart.”

Person I Admire Most: “My son who has overcome so many obstacles in his life and worked so hard to better himself.”

Where I’d like to travel: “Egypt to the Pyramids”

Favorite Color: “Bright Pink because I have 2 granddaughters I love with all my heart!”

Freyja - Hermann MO weddings coordinator


Favorite Accessory: “Sunglasses”

Drink of Choice: “Frozen Cherry Limeade, spiked or not!”

Favorite Go-To-Snack: “Candy!! Or anything sweet! I’m part elf!”

Favorite Quote: “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breaths away.” Maya Angelou

Favorite Disney Princess: “I’m not into princesses because I’m a goddess – the goddess of love – that’s why I’m a wedding coordinator!”

Kristen - Coordinator for weddings & elopements in Missouri


Favorite Accessory: “Apple Watch”

Favorite Flower: “Sunflower”

Where I’d Like to Travel: “Scotland”

Best Planning Advice: “Don’t procrastinate and don’t sweat the small stuff!”

Favorite Quote: “Dance like no one’s watching!”

Lela - Coordinator for our wedding venue in Missouri


Favorite Accessory: “Definitely a SMILE!”

Drink of Choice: “Coffee…Coffee…Coffee…and occasionally a little Moscato”

Favorite Movie: “Pretty Woman…I’m definitely a hopeless romantic!”

I’m a New Addition to the Crayon Box: “I’d definitely be named “Tickle Me Pink” because I love to laugh and have fun because life is too short to sweat the small stuff.”

Favorite Quote: “Let love start this day, let love end this day, and let love transform the minutes in between,” from the book Only Love Today

Teckla - Hermann, Missouri wedding coordinator


Favorite Accessory: “Earrings! Got to have them or I just don’t feel put together.”

Place I’d like to Travel: “The Greek Islands”

Best Planning Advice: “What makes a truly memorable wedding is not a flawless ceremony, perfect weather, jaw-dropping centerpieces, or an over-the-top 9 course meal. The best weddings are ones that leave the guest thinking “that was so them”. Be inspired by the trends, but be true to yourselves and create a day where you can be completely present with your friends and families.”

Favorite Quote: “Don’t be tempted by the shiny apple, don’t you eat of a bitter fruit. Hunger only for a taste of justice, hunger only for a world of truth cause all that you are is your soul.”

Favorite Disney Princess: “Ariel”

Chef Rhonda at our wedding venue in Hermann, Missouri

Chef Rhonda

Favorite Moment in a Wedding: “When everyone gets to eat!”

Favorite Flower: “Oriental Lillies”

Favorite Drink: “Cold Brew Coffee”

Person I Admire Most: “My Grandmother”

Favorite Quote: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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