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All Dressed Up? We’re the Place to Go.

Your wedding day is your dreams turned into reality—a day (or several days) filled with family and friends, magic and intimacy. You’ve found the perfect venue and planned out all the details.

And then the rug was pulled out from under you. The current health crisis has changed the landscape of the wedding industry. We’ve heard from many anxious couples whose chosen venue has been forced to cancel their event. 

Our hearts break for you—and for our friends in the industry. We know that those venues wanted to enjoy your day with you and hated to cancel.

So, here you are—ready to get all dressed up and with no place to go. Rescheduling your wedding is not something you want to deal with. At Hermann Hill, we get it. We are fortunate to be able to be open for weddings, right now. We are an all-inclusive venue nestled in the outskirts of a small, rural community in the heart of Missouri’s wine country. We are secluded from the big cities, while only a short train ride from across the state or if you’re coming from across the country, an easy drive from the airport in St. Louis.

And, here’s the thing—we can offer a truly all-inclusive destination wedding experience for you and your guests with very little notice. In fact, even before the current state of the world became our new “normal,” we were proud to offer last-minute weddings as one of our many specialties. 

Whether we have weeks or years to pull off your dream wedding—our wedding coordinators will take the stress off of you and become the wedding BFFs you’ve always dreamed of.

Which wedding style is yours?

Elopements—get married on our bluff overlooking the Missouri River at sunset, just the two of you. These intimate events have always been enjoyed here at Hermann Hill—and our secluded river bluff cottages offer the perfect honeymoon escape.

Micro WeddingsTake the elopement concept to the next level with a micro wedding. Gather your tribe together to celebrate your love in a comfortable, intimate setting. Choosing a smaller event doesn’t mean that you have to lose the experience you’ve been dreaming of. Trust us to craft a day, or even a weekend, you’ll remember forever.

Classic/Traditional/Modern Weddings—We can’t call them “regular” because every wedding is unique at Hermann Hill. There’s no “church lady” here to tell you that you can’t do things your way. We love trying new things—like, maybe your dog is your best-man, or you want a queso fountain at your reception. Whether we are hosting two or two-hundred, we go out of our way to make your event shine as bright as your love does. (Yes, we can also turn down that lovie-dovie vibe… a little… we kinda like it.)

Streaming—Any guests that can’t attend your wedding in person can join you remotely with our live event streaming services.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the wedding you want. Take control back. Take a tour (virtual or in-person) of our all-inclusive wedding venue right now. 

We can’t wait to meet you and make your dreams come true!

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