May Guest Contest Winners

Over the last few months we’ve offered guests three different contests to win Hermann Hill Gift Certificates:

1 – The Zen Contest: Guests can win a $50 gift certificate and a Zen Garden of their own
2 – The Art Contest: The best art sketch gets a $50 and a get a copy of their drawing
3 – The Relationship Tips Contest: offering guests the opportunity to share tips about how to keep a relationship strong and healthy. Winners get a $100 gift certificate.

May’s Relationship Contest Winners

“Surprise each other with little things to let your spouse know that you love them!

Take time for each other. When you have kids at home, you spend so much time doing things with and for the kids, you loose track of each other. REMEMBER: the kids will move out and then it’s YOU TWO AGAIN!! Make the most of times when you can have a little get away! Relax & enjoy your time with each other.”

–       Julie & David Danner, Cottage 401

“If you find yourself focusing on “me” instead of “we” your ship is off-course. Re-focus on what counts: The Happiness of WE.”  – Chuck & Marilyn Peacock, married 40 years: St. Peters, MO
The Art Contest Winner:

A mystery guest left this whimsical little sketch behind. If you can claim it, please give us a call (573.486.4455) and mention the initials and the date on the back of the page.


The Zen Contest Winner:

John & Pam VonFange, in the Seyval Premium Spa Suite, were thinking about the beach while at Hermann Hill…
Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

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