Hermann Hill Couples, May 2015 – Richard & Linda

I met Richard & Linda one early May morning on our new dinning deck. They were enjoying the view with their signature Hermann Hill breakfast, which included waffles and strata. Celebrating 47 years of marriage in December, this softhearted couple had a background in social work and special education, which was the connecting point of their relationship.

According to two different stories told by this couple, they unofficially met in college when Richard was taking a class to complete his courses in social work and Linda was just trying to fill her schedule to complete her education degree. Richard noticed that Linda very infrequently came to class, even though she always set the curve.

Their real connection was made at church, when Richard’s nephew with special needs, brought them together. Linda had been teaching a special education class at church, where Richard’s nephew, Ricky, was attending. She was noticed by Richard’s brother and sister-in-law and was invited to the youth group in the evenings, which Richard sponsored.

Linda shares her side of their tale first over breakfast with this touching sentiment: “So, our match maker was this individual with special needs… Everyone has a gift to bring, and Ricky brought us together.”

Linda told me that she was a retired special education teacher after 44 years and Richard noted that his nephew was the reason he was inspired to go into social work in the first place. Linda’s sentiment really shines through the story of their independent career choices as well as their lives together. After 47 years of marriage, my heart overflows when realizing what they have contributed apart and together in their lifetime.

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