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Guest writing contest: 

In 2015 we celebrate couples and relationships.  After 45 years of marriage and 20 years of talking with couples we have learned how important it is to take time together to improve their relationships.  We are asking guests to share their advice and tips to continue a healthy relationships.  Guests entered into a monthly drawing for a $100 Hermann Hill gift certificate to be used for lodging, spa services or in our gift shop. This month’s two winners are….

Andrew & Hannah- Fort Riley, KS wrote…



  • ·         Marriage is not a 50/50 commitment from each partner; healthy lasting relationships require 100% selfless commitment from both partners.


  • ·         Write letters even if it is just on special occasions.  They will be cherished!  My wife and I still have all of our letters from our dating days.  We have added to that with birthdays, anniversaries, and letters from across the world while I was deployed.


  • ·         Never underestimate the value of communication.  Talk to your partner.  He or she wants to know everything about you so never underestimate the value and significance of eve a short “trivial” conversation.


  • ·         Never hesitate to admit you are wrong and ask forgiveness.  Life is short; the time with the one you love is even shorter.  You don’t have time to waste on conflict.



Carl & Mary- Blue Springs, Mo wrote…

  1. Encourage each others passions: it is great to have shared interests but also to have individual interests to pursue.
  2. Talk about the things you do together: even if you are just watching a tv show. Talk about it.  Make it an interactive activity rather than a passive activity.
  3. Be health conscious together: health care costs keep increasing and we want to grow old together, not have one member of the couple be unhealthy or pass before their time.  Walk, ride bikes, make healthy meals together. support and energize one another.
  4. Make regular plans to just be together without distractions of phones, computers, etc.
  5. Do planned romantic things: Stay cations, trips to Hermann Hill, visit local attractions etc.

Guest Drawing Contest:

April Guest Contest WinnersWe have had several guests in the past share with us art work on their breakfast papers, guest surveys and their in-room journals.  We put sketch pads in all of our guest rooms and asked guests to share their drawings with us and we would pick a winner each month.  The winners photos will be hung in our hallway going down to Vidal and Seyval Spa suites and send them a $50 gift certificate and a framed photo of their drawing.


Guest Zen Contest Winners: Jennifer Krueger

April Guest ContestZen gardens have been part of the Japanese culture for centuries.  They represent self-examination, enlightenment and create an environment for meditation and expression of thought.  We now have small Zen gardens in all twenty of our suites and cottages for our guests to create their own Zen masterpiece!  We are asking guests to take a picture with their phone of their Zen garden and we will send them a $50 gift certificate and their own Zen garden.

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

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