Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lewis & Clark: Vineyard Adventures


IMG_6959“Lewis, Lewis, Lewis!”

It was the start of another morning, and Clark was chipper as always, trying to awaken Lewis from his peaceful slumber.   ‘Here we go again,’ thought Lewis as he opened one eye only to see Clark hovering a few inches above his head, with his tongue out and his tail wagging. “Can’t you just relax for one second?” asked Lewis,

“But then we might miss something exciting going on at the vineyard!”  Clark announced while licking Lewis in the face.

“Alright, Alright! Enough already,” said Lewis, “I’ll go on your adventure,” he continued, slowly easing himself up on four legs, “but no jumping on the guests!”

“I would NEVER!” exclaimed Clark, giving Lewis his word.

Lewis and Clark headed out their doggy door and down to the Vineyard side-by-side, passing by the newly sealed concrete, and fish pond.  Clark tried to step up next to the pond, but was quickly given a disapproving look by Lewis, and stepped back, returning to his rightful path.  As they approached the garden, Clark was getting all the more excited to smell the fresh garden roses, and chase the passing butterflies, while Lewis was just enjoying the fresh air.

Lewis and Clark made their way down the stone path, and approached the flourishing vineyard.  Before placing a paw on the grassy earth, they stopped to take in the breathtaking view. After about two seconds, Clark took off across the Hermann Hill Vineyard calling out behind him, “Catch me if you can!”

Lewis wasn’t far behind, when he approached Clark, who was halted at the end of the yard, peering at the world beyond the vineyard. “What do you think is out there, Lou?” Clark asked, with his head tilted and his ears perked.

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to find out!” exclaimed Lewis, turning around and heading back to the driveway.

Clark kept staring down at the city, mesmerized by all of the buildings and houses, “Come on, Lewis, pleeeaaasseee?”

Lewis turned around and looked at his adventurous companion…

What do you think? Will Lewis convince Clark to stay in their yard or will they find out what’s in Hermann, read about it next month, on our Hermann Hill Blog!


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